Community Wish List

As we hear suggestions from residents, the members of the board will update this list. As the list grows, we will also add some approximate costs to the value of each project. It is important to know how much repairs and improvements cost. It is also helpful to understand how the board operates, manages collected funds, and prioritizes projects. If you have a suggestion, please let one of the board members know and we will add it to our list.

As always, your full and prompt compliance with HOA Fees payments allow us to continue to improve our community. Please make your payments in the spring of each year, and encourage your neighbors to do the same. When everyone participates, we end up with a stronger stronger community. Every improvement to public spaces raises all of our property values, and continues to make Bretton Ridge the most attractive neighborhood in North Olmsted.

WIth the idea of continuous improvement in mind, this list is to serve as a way to keep track of ideas, budgets and contacts for various projects. Please add any and all of your ideas and thoughts here – this is a wish list, so dream big! Thanks.

Signs (3 estimates)

  • High End Signs $5,000 each
    • (replace as-is design) Flower bed container pavers, columns and lighted sign
  • Mid Range Signs $2,500 each
    • No flower bed surround. Columns with suspended and lighted sign
  • Low Range Signs $2000
    • No flower bed surround, floating lighted signs, no columns.
  • Total Project Projection cost $12-14,000 (for both north & south side)

Playground Equipment – $10 – 20,000

Parking Lot and Driveway (estimate from 2 paving companies)

  • High End – full remove and repave (several inches, base and slope) $47,000
  • Mid Range – repair driveway and patch parking lot – $12,000
  • Low End – there is no low end estimate

Pool & Pool Deck

  • Patch and Replace chipped concrete sections – $5500 (completed 2016)
  • Level and Patch low areas – TBD 2017
  • Paint and Repair Pool Interior – $2300 (DONE 2017)
  • Replace Deck Chairs and add Umbrellas (DONE 2017)
  • Add ‘shade sail’ to kiddie pool and/or other areas
  • Create shaded lounge areas in grass space (do something with that unused area)

Cabana Updates 

  • Remove attic and critter hiding spots (completed by residents 2016)
  • Wildlife Removal, sanitizing and demolition – $9300 (completed 2016)
  • Paint Exterior (completed 2016)
  • Remove Interior Ceilings and Paint (completed 2016)
  • Repair Heater & Pump Room Systems (budgeted 2017)
  • Upgrade Electrical Systems
  • Replace Chemical Tanks (completed 2016)
  • Repair Filters (completed 2016)
  • Add shaded ‘patio’ space around firepit, comfortable seating
  • Update lighting in covered picnic area
  • Paint Cabana floor (completed 2017)

Other Park Facilities Ideas

  • Tennis Court Resurfacing
  • Move Basketball Court to ‘ice rink’
  • Pool Fence Painting
  • Pool/Park Fence and Gate Repair – $1088 (completed 2017)
  • Update Pool/Walkways/Parking Lot Security & Lighting
  • Redo Mulch around Playground (scheduled Spring 2018)
  • Remove Playground Fence – Add Grass Instead of Mulch (completed 2017)
  • Drag Baseball field
  • Fix Baseball Backstop Fences
  • Add Soccer goals

BIG IDEAS (Long Range)

Walking Track
Composting Facility
Weatherproof Party Room/New Building
Convert ‘ice rink’ to something – like:

  • Gazebo
  • Splash Park
  • LIghted Multi-sport court
  • Lighted Basketball court
  • Greenspace/grass
  • Urban Farm
  • Pond with fountain
  • Semi-permanent tent/closed space