Comparing the introductory Statements in the C&R

Good morning! Here’s another example of the side-by-side document the board is working on to help show changes from the old to the new. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as lining up the articles in each document. Many of the articles from the old are being removed or combined in the new. I’m doing my best to make it easy to read, so here’s another example.

This piece compares the beginning of both documents. In the old you will see an exhaustive description of what ‘Bretton Ridge’ constitutes and how the properties are mapped. Now, these descriptions are no longer necessary with the way mapping and surveying is done. Additionally, the majority of references to Saul Biskind (the originator of BR) have been removed. In this document, on the left side, you will see the old document introduction. On the right-hand column, you will see the updated version.

The newer, updated language simplifies the incorporation of the association by law, and simplifies its basic governance moving forward.

Click to view comparison as a PDF

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