MOM…it’s HOT! Why can’t we go swimming?

The question heard around my house the most this weekend…as my own five children ‘melt’ in the first few really hot days of 2018! Believe me when I say that I am as frustrated as you are that the pool is not ready this weekend for the big opening.

Some people have asked for an update – so here it is. This winter, the board approved work to be done in the pump room at the pool. This work involved installing a new heater, re-routing inefficient plumbing lines, and cleaning up out of date and unsafe electrical conditions. In February of 2018, after the annual meeting, the board then approved the budget for 2018, included in that was the full scope of work on the pump room.

Days after that, we gave our contractor the green light for work to be done. He then acquired all the parts and pieces necessary to complete the work. Over the next few months we were in constant contact to make sure everything was going along well. As the spring weather continued to be problematic (cold, snow, ice, etc.) he started to experience delays. Please keep in mind – I’m not making excuses for our contractor, not in the least, just giving you the timeline.

As April weather finally broke, we started the rest of the opening sequence for the pool. The water was turned on, the pool was cleaned, concrete was patched and painted, the bathrooms were checked, flowers were planted, grass cut, etc. All the while, staying in constant contact with the contractor. Toward the end of April, we started to experience problems with him scheduling work and delivery of the project. I continued to put daily pressure on him, and each time there were assurances, promises, and more. The closer we got to opening, the more worrisome this behavior got, and we started to make contingency plans as much as we could. It is certainly not for a lack of effort on our part.

Please understand, this job is big, and we left plenty of time and money available for it to be completed on time, but there’s a lot left to do. If you have ever worked with a contractor that hasn’t filled their end of a job, you know how frustrating it can be to get your work done when you are at the mercy of skilled laborers…so please understand we doing all we can to get this pool open! It has been an extremely stressful three weeks full of emails, phone calls and text messages…that’s for sure. If I knew how to do any of this work, I would be up there doing it myself…

Stay tuned for more updates, but I am sorry to say we will miss being able to use the pool this Memorial Day weekend. Please tell the kids I’m sorry, turn on the hose, and bust out the popsicles…we will make it up to you.

Thanks very much for your patience and understanding –

Jon Jarc and the BR Board


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