Development Documents Project Update

Over the next few weeks, you will find your email box and social media feeds full of content to review. I hope to provide you with a series of updates on the development’s legal documents project. My intention is to show how the board has edited our association’s legal documents since our last public meeting in October.

Through the late fall, and over the holiday season, a small team of board members has reviewed each line and clause several more times. We have worked closely with our legal team to eliminate and rewrite many of the sections of these guiding documents to provide better clarity for all homeowners in Bretton Ridge. It was clear that more refinement was needed. We listened, and made a host of additional changes we feel make for a very good final copy.

With that in mind, it is important to update you on some of the changes, and some of the procedures over the next few weeks in anticipation of voting. At this time, the final draft is being reviewed and produced by our legal team to be sure that formatting and language is consistent. The dates for review and voting are being finalized and meeting spaces booked. Lastly, over the next two weeks, the copies will be made, bundled and distributed to all homeowners in Bretton Ridge.

Please keep in mind that this is not a small task, and requires a great deal of concentration and dedication by those producing the documents and the mailings. As a board, we take your concerns very seriously, and have factored in all the feedback we have received over the last two years. It is also important to remember that even though this board is working with residents to construct the guiding principles for the neighborhood, they (we) will not be board members forever, and will live in Bretton Ridge under the rules we establish now. As board members, we needed to approve a set of documents that we could be proud of as board members and as homeowners.

It has always been our intent to simplify, clarify, and remove as much as possible. We have also taken time to clarify what the board of trustees is expected to do from a resident’s perspective, and have eliminated much of the oversight and control that was once a part of the documents.

With that in mind, please continue to check your email and social media feeds in the next few weeks for specifics on what has changed, and how to vote once your documents when they arrive. In the mean time, please mark your calendars for our annual meeting – February 14th at 7pm. There will be discussion and an opportunity to vote on the final documents at that meeting.

Watch for subsequent posts dedicated to specific changes in the documents coming soon.

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