Board of Trustees for 2019

The annual meeting of homeowners occurred on February 14th. At this meeting, the board of trustees was elected for the 2019 year. The elected trustees are as follows:

President – Jon Jarc – (440) 344-3438 –

Vice President – Dan Bender –

Secretary – Matt Skvasik

Treasurer – Patrice Palange –

Socials/Programming – Jeff Yeager – (440) 667-6222 –

Membership – Carolyn Wiegandt – (440) 263-9661-

Pool/Park – Nick Stefanski – (440)299-9912 –

Thank you to all those homeowners who were in attendance, and to those that contributed questions and comments. Also thank you to those who watched online from home. As always, if you have questions and comments about finances and programming, please reach out to any of the contacts above, or for general inquiries, feel free to email the entire board of trustees by addressing your message to:

Here’s to a joyful and productive 2019 in Bretton Ridge!

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