Cabana & Bathroom Updates

So many wonderful updates to talk about this week going on down at the cabana! This week we finished a few cosmetic updates that make the pool house look and feel like something quite different. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the sun and pool in the next few weeks, and hopefully we are done with rain for a few days – weeks – months!

The boys and girls bathrooms have been painted a nice, clean neutral grey. This was so needed – the paint in the bathrooms had become grimy and dirty from all the use over the last few years. Being exposed to the elements had also taken its toll on the interior. So a basic coat of paint made everything look nice and tidy. Next, the girls and boys bathrooms got a colored accent stripe around the mid-section of the room adding a splash of color. The doors got a basic paint treatment, and some new pool-friendly gender signs. Carolyn and her sister were able to design and fabricate these really cute boys and girls signs – they look really neat!

Also happy to report that Koala care infant and baby changing stations have been installed in BOTH the boys and girls bathrooms for our littlest of swimmers! Hopefully those will get some good use by parents of all our kids.

Some additional features will be added over the next few days to make it much easier to use the bathrooms and changing spaces as they were designed. Some cool hooks, paper towel holders, and shelves will make it much easier for parents and adults to utilize the private spaces for themselves and their families.

Be on the lookout for some more updates over the next few weeks, but we are all happy to see the bathrooms get a much-needed facelift!

Hope the sun stays around long enough for all of us to enjoy all the hard work!  See you soon!


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