Happy to report that one of the other big projects for this summer is checked off the list! Our electrician was out last week to install the last of the pole light updates on the park and pool light project. 

This has been a project in the works for a while, and we’re really excited that it’s finally done. Around the park and pool there are 11 pole lights that, until recently, had old and inefficient high-wattage bulbs. The timers on the old lights were also out of date and two out of three didn’t work correctly. I’m sure our friends on Christman would report lights coming on at strange times…

The poles have all been repainted, and the light heads have all been replaced with LED retrofit kits, so all 11 poles are now casting bright LED light over the walkways and parking lot around the park. We chose a medium temperature light that will be a little brighter than the streetlights we have, but not a cold blue stark light like you see around town. 

The timers in the electrical room of the cabana have also been replaced with new. The timers can be programmed for times of day or for a dusk to dawn feature. For now they are programmed for about 8pm – 4am. That can be adjusted, of course as we see how it is being used. 

After the initial installation, some of our friends on Christman reported the lot lights lighting up a good portion of their back yards! After that report, the lights were pitched upward a little bit to put more light onto the lot and out of the back yards – hopefully it was enough…it can always be adjusted again. 

Hopefully you have noticed, but in case you have not, take a look next time you drive down Christman at night! Thanks to everyone for your cooperation during the project, we hope the park can get some more use during the evening hours, and that all pool and party visitors feel safer in our park.

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