Pool hours for Labor Day weekend!

Saturday: 12-7
Sunday: 12-6
Monday: 1-6
A few things to keep in mind when visiting the pool on our final weekend….
1) Bretton Ridge residents only this weekend, NO GUESTS please. Each day, only two guards are working.

2) The temperatures this weekend will be in the mid 70’s and low 70’s on Monday. If there is low attendance any of these days, the guards will close an hour early, especially on Monday (with cooler temps).

3) Current pool temperature is approximately 75 degrees and may be cooler tomorrow. We have had to add a lot of water and with the pool closed this week, the heater has not been on high. We did crank the heat up this afternoon…so that should make a difference.

4) If you are at the pool this weekend, please say thank you to the four guards I have left. They’re the reason we’ve been able to stay open the past three weeks. None of them are on Facebook, so they won’t see anything posted here. Please be kind and thoughtful as they have also started school this week…
Thank you all for another great pool season. We’re sad to say that the pool will be closed up winterized next week, so please try to take advantage of the last weekend of pool season! We will still try to hold some fall parties at the park with the pool closed, so stay tuned.
…and Slymans!! Don’t miss them Saturday at 4. 
Hope to see you all this weekend!

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