Just about ready for Memorial Day Weekend!!

So much has happened in the last few weeks down at the pool and the park! I’m happy to say that we are just about ready to open the pool, and just in time for the big weekend.

Memorial Day weekend is ‘officially’ the opening day of the pool, and weather permitting we are opening this coming Saturday! If you are coming down to the park this weekend, you will surely notice some updates and changes to the pool deck, the cabana, and especially the bathrooms!

I will share more about what has happened in the last few weeks, but I wanted everyone to know that several hard-working volunteers have spent dozens of hours getting the cabana and bathrooms cleaned and sanitized and ready for use this weekend.



We hope to see you all there (weather permitting) this weekend! I’ll be posting a few more updates this week as we finish some key projects, but for now, enjoy a preview of the new and updated cabana color scheme…thanks to all of our volunteer painters putting in huge hours this week!

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