What’s up with the cabana?

For the last few weeks, you may have heard some rumbling about changes to the pool, cabana and park. I wanted to get a note to all residents to be clear about what has been happening and to ensure the health and safety of all who will use the pool this summer.

IMG_6637This spring, like several before, we had a raccoon problem. This year, an exterminator trapped and removed more than a dozen raccoons (adults and babies) from the attic spaces above the bathrooms in the cabana – that’s quite the infestation!

Not wanting to have their ‘party house’ near residents and families this summer, it was decided to eliminate the source of the problem once and for all. The plan consisted of removing all the drywall, plywood, and soffits that were home to raccoon nests. This is really the root cause of continued infestation – the overwhelming smell. The smell is what attracts rodents year after year (I learned this fun-fact for the first time this spring).

IMG_6774After investigating the problem, and bidding the job out, the ceilings and soffits were removed from the bathrooms. The worst areas were above the entryway to both bathrooms Рas you can see by the dramatic restructuring in that area. We were able to remove a dumpster full of material that was causing the terrible smell!

After a week’s worth of cleanout, bleaching, power-washing and reconstruction, we called in the pro’s to sanitize and deodorize all the exposed surfaces. Wade from “Prevent Pest Control” (www.preventpestcontrol.com) and his team came out and sprayed exposed beams, wood, and concrete surfaces. He was able to ensure that all surfaces are safe and ready for access.

Once we were sure that all the material was removed and the spaces were sanitized, we painted the ceilings and soffits white, sealing off the smell for good (hopefully). The interior of the bathrooms still needs some touch-ups – that’s phase 3 in our project!

IMG_1944After demo, cleanout, sanitizing, rebuilding and painting, we are confident beyond a doubt that the cabana area is clean and safe for residents to use.

If you are interested in more specifics (gory details or otherwise) please feel free to contact me directly via email at jonathanjarc@gmx.com or phone. Rest-assured we did all we could in the last three weeks to make sure that you and your family are safe at the pool and in the cabana, and that the pool would open on time.

We hope that you will enjoy the summer! Looking forward to seeing you all up at the pool!

More to follow!

Jon Jarc
BR HOA Board President

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