Pay HOA System Invitation Email Alerts

Dear Bretton Ridge homeowners!

Today, the board began the production phase of our new management software system. We are actively setting up the accounting and notifications for all homes in Bretton Ridge. Because it is a live production environment, you may be notified via email to set up an account on a system called “Pay HOA“. This is legit, is from the Bretton Ridge Board…and is the system we will be using to manage our membership, accounting, and communications.

If you did receive an email from PayHOA today, you are encouraged to set up your account! There is no harm in registering with your email address, phone number and address. This is how we will send invoices, pay assessments, and communicate with homeowners moving forward. More information is coming soon about this system and how we will use it. A good portion of the February meeting will be dedicated to the system setup and what homeowners will be able to do in there.

If you did not receive an email to log in – you can register here:

It’s likely that the email we have on file is no longer active, or might be incorrect. In either case, you will need to sign in with a valid email you can check regularly for invoices, alerts, notices, and updates.

Please keep in mind that we are actively populating the system with valuable information and financial data. So, even if you are able to set up an account, you may not see a great deal of information yet. We’re working on it!

Please don’t be worried, this is legit, and we encourage people to sign up when they can. More information, including help sessions, will be available in the coming weeks. A letter will be coming home via US Mail in the next week that will have more info about registering and getting support.

We appreciate everyone’s attention and cooperation…this is a big step for us!

Thank you,

Jon Jarc & the Bretton Ridge Board

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