Pool renovations progress update

Good news: the pool is opening Saturday June 2! The not so good news: there’s still work to be done…

As you have probably heard, the last few weeks have been a bit of a challenge getting the pool ready for opening. At this point in the process, we may not be completely out of the mess, but we have a pathway through the mire. The original plan, developed last November, called for a series of renovations to the pool’s core facilities including; plumbing lines, electrical systems, and a new heater. As of last week, a very small portion of that work had been done, and all of the old systems had been removed, leaving us with an almost empty stage.

Over the last two days, a group of pros from Metropolitan Pool Service have been on site reconnecting the plumbing; filters, pumps, and chemical lines to get the pool running again. As of Friday afternoon, the pumps are on, the filters are filtering, and the chemicals are being fed into the pool as they should. A small crew of people were at the pool Friday night vacuuming, cleaning, and skimming. There’s still quite a bit to do, but the best thing for that system now is swimmers – moving water – and lots of skimming! It is cottonwood season after all…

After Saturday’s opening, we hope to have a few good sunny days of pumps and filters humming along to really make the pool sparkle. Once school in North Olmsted is out for good, weekdays will be open for the rest of the summer.

So – what’s left to do. Well, a lot. The systems upgrades are still budgeted, and are now being re-contracted through other vendors. Each of these pieces will be done as soon as possible. Monday, the baby pool is scheduled to be cleaned, finished and reconnected to the new plumbing. Tuesday, the pool will be taken offline and the electrical system core will be updated. That work should be done in one day, or worst-case one and a half days. This electrical upgrade will then make room for the heater install taking place shortly after that…and will allow for some additional lighting upgrades around the park (eventually). As soon as all the various parts and pieces are in hand…they will be installed.

I want to thank you for your continued patience in getting all of this contractor hassle squared away. The board and the pool staff have been working hard to be ready – and it’s unfortunate so much was out of our control. We have confidence in this new path forward, and will continue to update everyone as changes come back in line.

Thanks – I hope to see you this weekend at the pool…

Jon Jarc

ps,  pool passes for the season will be available for pickup anytime the pool is open.

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