Baby Pool and Heater Update

Just a quick update to answer two questions frequently asked this week…

First, the baby pool. The baby pool was disconnected as a part of the plumbing changes this spring. A new multi-port valve had to be ordered to fix it properly. That device arrived at the pool service company, and the service techs should be out to install this week. As long as the baby pool is properly filtered and chlorinated, it will be open for use. The most important factor in opening the baby pool is safety, so please be patient in getting that back online. Keep in mind that the baby pool has never been heated and that is not a part of the pool updates.

Second, the new pool heater. The pool heater replacement was a part of the contracted work we are now fighting. A contingency plan has been made, and a new service agreement has been reached with a new pool contractor who will install the heater. Please keep in mind that you can’t just go to Amazon and order a 960,000 btu pool heater. In many cases, these systems need to be fabricated, then sent to the install site where they will be installed by certified plumbers. This takes time, sometimes weeks to complete – from fabrication to installation. As a result, there is a new heater being built and shipped, but as of today, June 8th there is no heater in the pool.

With projects of this magnitude, things are bound to go wrong along the way. The problems we have been experiencing were unforeseen and unfortunate, but we are working through them as fast as we can. What we have experienced with our contractor is out of our control, but we are working the through the issues. When the project was started in mid-February, no one could have imagined these issues still being issues.

We will continue to update everyone as a new timeline is established, and the new heater is installed, and the baby pool comes back online. Please also understand the time it has taken to sort all this out while attempting to collect from our delinquent contractor has been substantial.

Thank you for your continued patience – please continue to check back to Facebook and this website with further updates.

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