Pool heater is finished…finally some good news!

It’s been a long run getting these modifications done to the pool’s aging pump room, and we’re almost there. Still a few things to tidy up before the end of the season, but the biggest news is that the pool heater installation is finished!

It’s a brand new Raypak heater, and it’s been cooking along for about a week now, actively heating the pool water to a balmy 79 degrees. With this new heater, we can all be confident that those early spring, late fall, and late night swims will at least have comfortable water to swim in!

The pool installers from Metropolitan pools installed the heater, and the sub contractors from Hogg Heating came back to finish the work on the flu and exhaust. Since then, the heater has been on and heating water without an issue. The heater is a bit bigger than the last one we had, and is certainly more reliable, more modern, and more energy efficient. We hope the investment in this heater will last a whole lot longer than the last one!

Looking down the road a little bit, the weather seems to be mellowing out already – so the timing on the warmer water couldn’t be better. We hope to see everyone down at the pool in the last few weeks of summer to enjoy the pool updates.

Thanks! See you at Blenders and Brews this weekend – or around the pool for some swimming…

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