Docs Revision 2: Standards and Expectations

Many of the items removed in the various drafts of this project have related to some version of this: “the homeowner shall do X”, or “each home must have Y”…these have been removed in most cases. In others, specific language has been kept in the final draft, but has been revised to help set a code of expectations for homeowners in Bretton Ridge. The remaining articles keep the underlying message of expectation, and remove the ability of the board to ‘oversee’ conduct or standards for building in the neighborhood. No one has the time or the interest in policing design standards. However, we all do want to make sure that it is very clear that homes in Bretton Ridge will be a consistent size, will be well-maintained, and will be in line with city codes and regulations. It is our hope that the changes to these sections will set both an expectation for upkeep and maintenance while putting responsibility for ‘enforcing the rules’ on the city, and not on the Board of Trustees.

Here are a few of the most notable changes:

Article IV.1.b – this was very long and wordy. The previous version made mention of ponds, mounds, trees, and grass. All of this has been reduced to “Each owner shall keep his or her Lot in good condition and repair and properly maintained in accordance with City Codes and Regulations.” The message is clear, but is much easier to understand the expectation.

Article VI.1 – clarified to restrict each Lot to one residential, detached, single-family home with a two-car or larger garage. This was left in mainly to prevent owners from sub-dividing lots, or changing the use type of a property.

Article VI.3 – Building location – this article talked about set-back. This has been removed as that restriction is already in city code.

*Other articles relating to the oversight of any ‘design standards’ have been removed. Other clauses that refer to building, construction, or maintenance of a Lot refer homeowners to North Olmsted City code for guidance and restrictions.

These changes and any that are similar in tone have been changed or removed to ease the relationship between those serving on the board, and homeowners. I don’t think it should be the role of the board to get in the business of policing Bretton Ridge – no one has time for that! Nor do we believe that it is necessary in a neighborhood like ours. I think the expectations for maintaining property are clear, while removing bothersome restrictions. Each person owning a home in Bretton Ridge is entitled to the privacy they desire, the freedom to express their own creativity, and personality, while being a part of the larger community.

I hope that these changes and updates reflect that philosophy.

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