Voting Packets on the way…

The voting packets for the new version of the neighborhood legal docs have been assembled, stamped and are ready to head to homeowners in Bretton Ridge. In the packet you will find a few different things. In advance of its arrival, I thought it would be good to outline what’s in there, and what each homeowner will need to do.

First, there are two stapled copies of the updated documents, containing the Declararation of Restrictions, and the Restrictive Covenants. These are the documents to review for the most up to date language. *Please note: to save weight in postage, the table of contents has been left out. This was considered a non-essential piece for the vote, and would only add weight to the mailing.

Second, you will find a proxy voting sheet. On there is a spot for your name and address, and two spots to vote. You will need to vote on both of the documents in the packet. Please vote for each of those. At the bottom is a spot for your signature to verify the vote.

Lastly, there is still opportunity to ask questions BEFORE you vote in the negative. The documents vote is an agenda item for the annual meeting on February 14th. You can contact any of the board members listed on the contacts on this website to ask questions. *Please note: Jon and Carolyn have been leading this project, and have worked closely with our attorneys, and can answer questions quickly. The last opportunity to ask questions and vote is at a public open meeting on March 4th.

You can vote at either of the meetings listed above, or you can drop your proxy in the mail, or you can drop it to Carolyn’s house (her address is listed in the voting packet) once you have it completed.

All of these details and instructions are included in the packet that will arrive next week (likely Thursday or Friday).

If you have additional questions or concerns, please ask via email, Facebook or phone call. It is important that this update pass, so we can continue to grow as a neighborhood.

Thank you in advance!

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