Please Vote Today! Proxy Ballot Copy Enclosed

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Hello! A few residents have noted that they misplaced their voting proxy ballot – attached to this post is a copy of the voting proxy ballot we mailed a few weeks back. (Click to download a copy directly) If you cannot attend the March 4 meeting, please use this ballot to vote instead. It is very important we get everyone to vote!

All you need to do is print a copy, then fill out the very top with your address. Then, place a check mark in two places to vote for the two different document sets, then sign at the bottom.

You can drop it in the mail (PO BOX 150 North Olmsted OH 44070) – PLEASE DO SO BEFORE Saturday March 2, OR better yet, drop it off at Carolyn Wiegandt’s house at 6235 Brighton Drive.

Thanks so much – let us know if you have any questions! Only a few days left – PLEASE VOTE – and tell your neighbors to vote too!

If for some reason you cannot view or download the attachment, please visit this post on our website here:

Or download a copy of the proxy ballot directly by clicking here:

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