Lots going on down at the park!

I’m sure you have seen, or maybe smelled all the changes happening down at the park and pool so far this spring – just to keep you up to speed on a variety of projects we are undertaking, I will be writing some posts here, and copying them to our various Facebook groups. The grass is being cut weekly, the trees are blooming – and park cleanup is right around the corner on May 14!

I hope you all take the time to subscribe to our connections on Facebook and Twitter – and to check back here regularly for updates on the calendar, social events and activities and projects happening around our neighborhood.

The past few weeks, a great cement company has been out making some repairs to sidewalks and the pool deck. The work is just about done. Given the rainy few days the past week, they need a few dry days to finish pouring the last few pieces. When that is done, the pool and sidewalks will be really sharp looking – and safe for all those bare feet this summer!

If you see some construction equipment down there this week, don’t panic – they are just tidying up the last bits before the pool opens in a few weeks.

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