Meeting reminder notice

Just a quick reminder about the upcoming meeting to hopefully finalize our documents project. At our last meeting in March, the attendees agreed to table the vote until more total votes could be collected and counted. The voting meeting was rescheduled until August 8. In about three weeks, we will be able to once again count and certify the community vote on the proposed new set of documents.

It is very important that we get all homes in Bretton Ridge to participate! By this time, each home in Bretton Ridge, that did not yet cast a vote, has received a visit from one of the board members. We were able to visit every home that had not voted and either talked to homeowners or left a letter and an extra ballot behind. It’s really important that we collect ballots on or before the August 8th meeting.

Homeowners can vote in person at the meeting, or by mail, or drop off any time before the meeting. If you are not sure if your household voted yet, please call or text Carolyn at 440.263.9661. She will be able to verify your voting status. If you have any questions about the proposed changes, please feel free to call or email Carolyn: or Jon Jarc:

Please take the few minutes required to cast your ballot. It is important that we get feedback from all homeowners, and it’s essential we hear from everyone!

*If you already voted – THANK YOU! Your vote is still in place…you don’t need to do anything further.*

Please drop your ballot in the mail, or drop it by Carolyn’s house (6235 Brighton) asap. We thank you for your support!

The Bretton Ridge Board of Trustees

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