130 votes to go! Rally time!

Good morning Bretton Ridge family! Our vote counting meeting is only a few days away, and I wanted to encourage everyone that has not voted yet to do so ASAP. We have done really well collecting ballots, but we are still about 130 votes short of our goal. To make decisions on behalf of the neighborhood, the board needs to hear from everyone and needs a representative sample of homeowner opinions.

So far, the tally is overwhelmingly positive, but we need to be sure we get enough ballots to move this project forward. I thank you for your participation so far – please reach out to your neighbors and friends to make sure they have voted! The August 8 count meeting is right around the corner!

We are asking all homeowners (having voted or not) to get out to their neighbors and friends to encourage everyone’s participation. Please take a few moments this weekend to reach out to your neighbors and make sure they have cast their ballots. Conversations make for good neighbors, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

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