Tree Removal and Site Prep Work

Just a quick update about the scheduling for some of the work to be completed at the park in conjunction with the senior living project adjacent to Bretton Ridge.

As previously stated, some of the work on that project involves overflow drainage from the site across Christman Drive, and into Root Ditch along the backside of Bretton Ridge Park. To complete that part of the project, the construction firm will be digging  across the Christman Drive, and along the park road, removing the old drainage. They will then replace the old 24 inch pipe with new, elliptical shaped pipe that is 48 inches wide by 36 inches high. This pipe will be buried underground, and will run from the park entrance to the corner of the fence by the dumpsters. A metal grate will be placed over the opening to the pipe, and the ditch bank will be reinforced in that area with packed stone and gravel. 

In order for the digging to begin, the brush and trees ‘in the way’ need to be removed. This is NOT a Bretton Ridge expense, but is being done at the expense of the builder. The tree and brush removal will be done this coming Friday, August 23. The removal of the trees and debris should not impact any travel through Christman drive, and should be finished in one day (weather permitting). The tree service will not block access to the pool or park. 

The date for the connection over Christman Drive is still a few weeks out. It is likely that work will be done after the pool closes for the season. The construction foreman has informed the Bretton Ridge board that he will give us ample notice before work is started. It is possible that Christman drive will be closed during ‘business’ hours to maximize work time on site each day, and to shorten the overall project duration. The road would then reopen for evening and overnight traffic. Other options are being considered. 

Be on the lookout for more information as it becomes available. Please use caution when entering and exiting the park this Friday during the tree work. Thank you!

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