2020 Spring Annual Meeting Notes and Slides

Thanks to all who were able to attend the annual meeting either in person or online. As you will see, 2019 was a very productive year for Bretton Ridge! As a board, we hope you can see that we are putting every dollar to work to make the community more welcoming and accessible for all residents. The board is elected each year to serve the neighborhood, and we have everyone’s best interest at heart when considering projects or expenditures. We are all volunteers and we are all residents of Bretton Ridge with a commitment to get better each year. If you have suggestions for things we should look at for 2020 and beyond, please reach out via Facebook or email at board@brettonridge.com. 

Attached to this post here: (Bretton Ridge HOA Spring Meeting 2020 Slides and Notes) are tonight’s meeting notes and slides. The live video stream can be found on our private Facebook page for BR residents. Be on the lookout for a community feedback survey coming to your email box in the next few weeks. Thanks again for paying your assessments on time – it makes these projects possible!

Here’s to a warm and wonderful 2020! 

The Bretton Ridge community would like to express our gratitude to Patrice Palange, our long time treasurer. Patrice is stepping away from her long time position on this board, and has been an integral part of this team for a very long time. We are all grateful for her diligent work and years of service to Bretton Ridge and wish her all the best in the future. The neighborhood is in better shape than ever, and a lot of it has to do with her dedication and attention to detail. Thank you Patrice for all the time you have spent in the service of residents of Bretton Ridge!

The new board members elected at tonight’s meeting for this coming year ( 2020 ): 

Jon Jarc – President
Dan Bender – VP
Matt Skvasik – Secretary
Donna Dindia – Treasurer
Carolyn Wiegandt – Membership
Nick Stefanski – Park and Pool
Jeff Yeager – Socials and Programming

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