Update on flooding meetings, second request for data collection.

Good afternoon – just a quick update on flooding conversations with the city. Nick and Jon and a few members of Park Ridge met with Mayor Kennedy and City Councilman Schumann today to set the stage for upcoming community meetings. More information will be forthcoming. One of the items that came out of that meeting was documenting damage caused in homes that directly border the new Omni/Vitalia Construction site. The city and the mayor are digging in to find out what went wrong on the 15th in regard to that project.

What we need to do is collect pictures and video from as many homes that experienced flooding in their backyards along the border of that project. So, if you live in a home adjacent to the construction, and you had flooding, and you have pictures, could you please add them to the growing list here: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSevq4SElKNrteJbJo…/viewform

We will be presenting this information back to the mayor as soon as it’s collected. The more documentation we have that their systems did not do what they were designed to do, the better. Please also reach out to your neighbors on Christman, Cambridge, and Brighton, and ask them to contribute.

More to come on the city’s initial responses. Stay tuned…and thank you!

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