Pool Waivers for Use – Summer 2020

This summer’s access to the pool has changed just like everything around us. Pool managers and staff all around the country are determining the best way to keep guests safe, limit exposures, and to follow state and local guidelines…AND make the pool a manageable resource. This summer, we’re asking guests to understand that we are doing our best to follow all these new restrictions, and also trying to make the pool enjoyable for everyone. As a result, this summer, we’re asking guests to understand the rules ahead of time, and to sign a waiver that shows you understand the rules and the risks of using a pool during a global pandemic. These are risks for all of us, visitors and staff, and we will do our best to mitigate risk at our pool. However, it also assumes that pool guests take other people into consideration, and follow guidelines listed in the rules and regulations for the season.

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourselves, and discuss with your family, what is expected of guests this summer. Please understand we need to work together to have a successful, healthy, and full pool season. Please also note that these restrictions and guidelines come from the CDC, The Ohio Department of Health, and the health inspector himself.

Finally, please remember that the pool rules for temperature and weather will still apply. It must be 70 degrees or warmer, and clear of lightning and storms in order to allow guests in the pool. Tomorrow is supposed to be our official ‘first day’, but the weather doesn’t look too promising. Please be sure to subscribe to text alerts about the pool (delays, closures, lightning, temperature, etc.). To do that, text the word ‘brettonridge’ to 84483. Download and print a copy of the 2020 daily hours (single sheet).

Homeowners are encouraged to download, print and sign the attached waivers to expedite check-in to the pool. Copies will be available at the pool gate during check-in. Guests will need to read and sign both documents:

1. Gate Waiver Copy of Pool Rules for 2020

2. Waiver and Release of Liability COVID

Thank you –

Bretton Ridge Board and Pool Staff

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