Pool Guest Reminder for the 2020 Season

Good morning everyone – just a quick reminder about pool guests for this summer under Covid-19 restrictions. We have had several ‘special requests’ to accommodate outside guests, so we felt it was prudent to issue a reminder. Under the rules, for this summer, outside guests are not allowed.

Very basically, an ‘outside’ guest is someone that doesn’t live with you.

The only exceptions would be – if someone is listed on your pool pass because they live in your house as extended family, they are fine. If you babysit someone in your extended family M-F all summer, that’s also fine. Or, if they are living with you all summer, it’s also fine.

However, if people are ‘just coming for a visit’, or are ‘just here for the day’, or ‘just need special time’ these are guests, and they are not allowed this summer.

Since we have a restricted number of attendees at the pool each day this season, we need to give priority to Bretton Ridge residents – not guests.

Thank you for your understanding.

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