Update on utility work in the park driveway

Part of the last stages of development on our property for the Omni/Vitalia senior living project is to put our driveway back together. In the fall of last year, the developers discovered that several utilities had to be consolidated or moved in order for them to ‘finish’ the work in the apron of the Bretton Ridge Park driveway. This involved; The Illuminating Company, Dominion, AT&T and First Energy. Omni have done the scheduling work to make this all possible starting next week.

Next week, some work will be done in the driveway and apron to uncover the utilities to be worked on. Be on the lookout for workers, diggers, and utility crews. Access to the park and pool will need to be maintained, so you will still be able to play and swim but it will likely only be one-way traffic. Please be patient – here’s the latest updated schedule for work in the area from the Director of Construction on site:

7/13-7/14 Excavation to uncover utilities
7/15 – everyone but the Illuminating company will be on site
7/16 – The Illuminating company moves their line
7/16-7/17 – Complete storm connection and back fill
The apron and sidewalk should be completed the week of 7/20.

*they are still waiting on a confirmation from Dominion. Hopefully, that confirmation will come in by the end of the week and work will begin.

Thank you for your patience and understanding next week during these updates and finishes.

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