Park Dumpsters & Adult Swim PSA

Good afternoon neighbors! A few quick public service announcements to bring to your attention today –

First, a reminder that adult swim (M-F, 5-6pm) is for ADULTS ONLY. This also means that all people under the age of 18 must clear the pool deck during this time – for the entirety of adult swim. Please do not let children linger on the deck.

Second, the dumpsters at the park are for park trash and recycling ONLY! For the second week in a row, the collection company has fined us for having trash in the recycle bin, and for an overflowing dumpster. Please be sure to only put recyclables in the smaller dumpster, and trash in the larger one. If you bring food to the pool, and dispose of it in the dumpster, please use the correct bin.

Finally, the large dumpster should NOT be used for household bulk trash. Twice this spring, the dumpster was filled with carpet, drywall, doors, and construction debris from remodeling projects. The dumpster had to be unloaded and reloaded by hand (thanks Jon) to have the trash processed correctly.

Please use bulk-trash pickup or other services to dispose of your own household items.

Park dumpsters are for park trash only.

Thank you!

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