2021 Summer Pool Update!

Hello Bretton Ridge friends!

Just a couple of quick notes about pool season for this year.

First, just a reminder that the pool will only be open when the air temperature is above 70°. So, for this weekend, it doesn’t look like the pool will be open Saturday or Sunday based on the forecast…but Monday looks good! Stay tuned to the website, email, social media, and text messages for alerts about opening and closing.

For new families reading this, you can pick up your pool passes at the pool gate any time the pool is open, and once your annual assessments are paid. Remember that flotation devices are OK, as long as they are not a nuisance, but please be sure to leave all squirt guns at home, those are not allowed.

With the Governor’s restrictions on mask wearing and distancing being lifted after June 2, we will no longer require masks outside at the pool, which is great news! We will be following recommended guidelines from the CDC and Board of Health this summer.

On a related note, we will be allowing pool guests this season, with one caveat. That is, lifeguards and pool staff reserve the right to limit the number of guests at the pool for safety reasons. FYI: according to the Red Cross, it is recommended to use a ratio is 20 to 1 swimmers to lifeguards for ideal coverage. We will be using that recommendation as a guide in maintaining or limiting guests. With that in mind, we are happy to welcome residents and their guests to the pool! Remember there is a $5 guest fee due at the gate.

Like everywhere in the country, lifeguards are in short supply, so we want to make sure everyone is able to swim safely this summer. Please understand we are doing best to continue to staff the pool efficiently, so guards and staff reserve the right to limit outside guests for safety purposes.

Regarding parties and gatherings at the park. We are happy to start taking reservations for parties if residents would like to use the park or pavilion for events. You can use the form on the website to sign up, and Nick is our point person for reservations and contracts for pavilion rental. He can help you with all the details, and dates and availability. Seeing that most restrictions for outdoor events are being lifted after June 2, there should not be a real limit on events at the park. That being said, if you decide to book a party, you must agree to adhere to current CDC guidelines and Health Department regulations, and it will be your responsibility to know what those are and how to follow them.

A quick reminder to those who have not yet paid annual assessments (due May 1), second notices went out last week, and any unpaid assessments now have late fees attached. We will be enforcing the $20/mo. late fee as stated in the collection policy. Please pay your assessments on time to avoid additional late fees! Contact Carolyn with any questions.

Finally, the board hopes to be able to sponsor a few summer events as we have done in the past, and we are actively planning those, and looking forward to seeing everyone back down there to celebrate summer! Stay tuned for more on that, and if you’d like to help put something together, please reach out to our social chair Gina Glazer, and she would love to get your help.

We look forward to seeing everyone down at the pool in the park this summer, and thank you for your continued support!

Jon Jarc

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