Changing the front door…it’s about time!

Ask any of the board members from the last few years, what is the one lingering project that absolutely everyone wants to see done?…unanimously, the answer will be to fix the parking lot! The lot, the driveway, and parking spaces are the backbone to everything we do at the park and pool. It is our front door, the face of the park, and the first impression for residents, new neighbors, and visitors…and boy is it in need of serious help!

The lot has been in really bad shape for a few years now, and the past few boards have worked very hard to keep the pool in operation, all the while trying to save enough money to replace the parking lot and driveway. Well, I’m happy to say that after years of responsible financial stewardship, we have the savings to replace the parking lot – and…we start next week! But more on that in a minute.

If you have been to the park recently, you may have noticed some work already done. Some people have asked, what’s the deal with the large patches currently on the parking lot and driveway? You might recall that two years ago during the sewer work that was done under the apron, the driveway and lot were damaged by heavy machinery. The contractors responsible made good on their promise to fix those large areas. They are a year or so late, but they finally did it! Sad to say that those will be incorporated into the new lot, but at least they held us over till the full lot can be fixed.

SO…next week, starting the week of Monday July 5 (weather permitting of course), the workers from Sealed LLC will be on site to start on the lot. You may see some work being done as early as Thursday or Friday, July 1 or 2. The lot repair includes concrete work around the drains and also a large concrete pad installation near the dumpsters, the most heavily damaged spot on the lot, and the spot that gets the ‘heaviest’ traffic (from the dumpster truck). This concrete work will only shut down a portion of the lot, and will likely be done first – as early as this week.

After that, the lot will need to be shut down for 2-3 days depending on weather and the speed of the completion of the work. They will need to take out the parking bollards, clean the work area, compact surfaces, level ground, and then base coat. Then, they will top coat and seal the new asphalt, replace the parking bollards and re-stripe the lot. Then, we will be all set!

Why do it during pool season you might ask? This is actually the best time of year to do this work, where temperatures are warm enough to get a good, level, solid grade with good adhesion, and proper compaction without cracking. It’s all about the heat!

To that end, we will post here, social media and email when the parking lot will be closed. The lot will need to remain closed to; cars, bikes, and pedestrian traffic. Residents headed to the park are asked to use the Stewart Drive walkway into the park, and to stay away from the construction area until it is finished. Thank you for your patience on this – it is a huge investment, and we want it to be done right, and last for decades to come. Please let your kids know this as well. It is important that all bikes and foot traffic stay off of the driveway and parking lot until it has fully cured and is ready for use.

Thanks in advance for paying your assessments on time. It is only through consistent payments that we are able to afford major repairs like this. Please do all you can to continue to pay on time, it really does make a difference! Please email: if you have any questions about the project, we would be happy to answer them for you.

Bretton Ridge HOA Board of Trustees

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