Rules and Decorum at the Park/Pool : A Reminder

Friends and neighbors, there are a few major issues that have some up in the last few days I’d like to address.

As the president of the board of trustees in Bretton Ridge, it’s my responsibility to make sure that residents feel safe and welcome at our park and pool, and that everyone can enjoy our common spaces. To that end, please read and discuss these issues with your families. Should you witness any of these issues at the pool, Michell and I are very willing to intervene with guests and homeowners. Please let us know how we can make the park and pool more enjoyable for all.

Pool Passes. To be clear, only homes who have paid the Full or Senior assessment have access to the pool. AND ONLY people who live with you permanently are allowed on your pass. That DOES NOT include adult children, cousins, babysitters, or relatives who live nearby. Think of it this way, if you claimed them on your taxes, they can be on your pool pass…if not, they are guests – every time.

Lying to pool staff and new guards. Unfortunately there have been several instances already of people lying about who lives with them. Please, don’t lie to the pool staff, lifeguards, or other workers to get access to the pool. This WILL result in you being banned from the facility. Related, please do not send your kids to the pool if you know you have not paid your assessment. They will be sent home to you with a reminder to pay. And no, you cannot pay assessments at the gate.

Alcohol. This is important. If you intend to host a party, or drink alcohol at the park, you must read this. It is imperative that you control your consumption in our public space. Everyone in Bretton Ridge has the right to enjoy the park and pool without having to deal with intoxicated behavior. If you cannot control your alcohol use, DO NOT come to the park or pool. As a reminder, no one under 21 is allowed to consume alcohol on the premises…even if parents are supervising. It’s illegal. Moreover, if you are hosting a party, and your guests are intoxicated, or drinking while underage, YOU are responsible for them, and could ultimately lose access to the pool and park. Note: the lifeguards and staff have been instructed to call the police for assistance with intoxicated guests. If you or your guests have to be removed from the pool or park for being a drunk nuisance, you will not return either. You must control your behavior and that of your guests while drinking.

Finally, if you intend to drink and swim, the lifeguards and staff have the right to intervene and remove you from the pool should they deem it necessary for YOUR SAFETY or the safety of other guests. Reasons might include; noise disruptions, slurred speech, lack of body control, staggering while walking, vomiting, argumentative behavior, profanity, or anything they assess as ‘out of control’ or ‘unsafe’ behavior.

Language. Please, this is a family pool. Refrain from loud, rude, and profane comments. This message is for adults and teens. Our youngest kids are listening. Please model the behavior you want them to imitate.

Smoking. Just a reminder, smoking AND VAPING are not allowed inside the pool gate. If you want to do either of those, please go over to the pavilion and away from pool guests.

Please understand this kind of post is not my favorite thing to write. If these situations had not come up multiple times this week, I wouldn’t say anything. If I hadn’t gotten complaints about these behaviors from homeowners and pool staff, maybe I would let it go. But here we are. So, please, respect each other and the space we share as neighbors. Remember, everyone that comes to the pool or a party wants to enjoy their time there.

The park and pool were built for the enjoyment of all, please be respectful of that.

Thank you.

Jon Jarc

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