Bi-Laws Changes, Meeting & Updates to Voting

This is a final plea for participation in our major initiative to rewrite our community bi-laws. To that end, I’ll be sending out several emails over the next few weeks in an effort to get the last 100 homes to vote (one way or another). I don’t say this lightly, but the future of the pool and park in our development depends on our ability to pass the changes to our bi-laws. If you were at the annual meeting in February, you know that rising costs of materials, labor, and inflation, have driven up operating costs for the development. In order to modify dues to keep pace with expenses, we need a different operating structure.

The updated bi-laws will provide that opportunity. Additional, very recent changes to the Planned Community Act in Ohio effective September 2022 (ORC 5312) that put our current bi-laws further out of compliance with state law. To this end, we need a new and updated copy of our bi-laws that reflects current Ohio state law. This spring, we sent a letter along with every assessment invoice detailing what’s important in these updated bi-laws. If you missed that, you can read it here.

We have an upcoming meeting on August 4, 2022 to tally all the votes. It is our hope that every home in the neighborhood have a vote cast before that meeting. Remember, since you live in Bretton Ridge, your property value is higher BECAUSE of our private park and pool… Whether you use that park or not, EVERYONE benefits from having that as a part of our neighborhood. What is most important is that every home in Bretton Ridge votes. To date, we still have over 100 homes that have not voted.

We have emailed, called, visited, and mailed copies of the proposed documents, and the proxy ballots several times over the last years. It is extremely important that everyone vote – and we’ve done everything we can as a board to make it as simple and direct as possible. To that end, if you need another copy of the proxy ballot, here it is:


It is possible for you to vote using the ballot above. Please print and mail the proxy, or drop it off to Carolyn at 6235 Brighton Dr. North Olmsted OH 44070.

If you would like to read and/or download a copy of the proposed document changes – please use these links:

Downloads: Declaration 1-10-19 changes accepted – DRAFT COPY Code 1-10-19- changes accepted – DRAFT COPY

As questions roll in before the upcoming final vote on the development’s updated legal documents, I wanted to remind residents about the page we have dedicated to Q&A. This page addresses many common questions. These questions are all from BR residents…here are a few: Please, please, please…at the VERY LEAST, cast a proxy ballot to vote on these proposed changes. If you have questions, please reach out to Jon or Carolyn with questions. If you need someone to pick up your ballot, please call or text Jon with your address, and he will come and get it. Thanks! Look for more information coming in the next days about helping to track down missing ballots.

Everyone who has enjoyed the pool, park, parties, and other community events – this is your CALL TO ACTION. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Talk to your neighbors and friends – get them to cast their votes today to save the pool and park.


Jon Jarc
BR Board President

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