A Call To Action Request

As the board continues to collect feedback from residents and process updates and changes to the new legal documents, it’s clear we need some help from the community with a few tasks. The more people we can get involved in making this community stronger, the better off we will all be. Here are a few things we are working on where we could use your input – either as a committee member or via phone or email.

Legal Documents Updates and Changes: If you have any additional thoughts, concerns, objections, or exclusions you would like to see ratified, please let us know by the end of November. We would like to take all feedback, make changes, and develop a ‘clean’ copy to send to residents. Given the holiday season, this new clean document could be presented after the first of the year. Please send your concerns via email to: board@brettonridge.com. If you are interested in helping the board review and ‘perfect’ a clean copy to present to residents, please let us know, we would love your help!

Uniform Dues Committee: One of the items we have to discuss as a community is how dues are calculated, changed, and collected. It has been strongly suggested that we move to a system of uniform dues instead of a tiered scale as we have now. The details still need to be worked out on things like; budgets, logistics, senior discounts, equity and of course timing. The board would like to study this, and develop a plan in 2018 to be implemented in 2019. We have a few names already of people interested in this group – if you would like to add your name to this committee, please email Jon Jarc: jonathanjarc@gmx.com.

 Landscaping and Signs: Good news! The sign project is nearing the end of the first big update. The city has approved our ‘wind load analysis’ test, and the sign company is getting to work on fabrication. The new sign will be installed on the north end very soon! If you have an interest in helping to update and improve the landscaping around the new signs or any of the areas around the pool and park, please reach out! We know there are lots of pros in the neighborhood with experience and expertise, and now we need your help making these areas truly grand. The ball is rolling – let’s make them great! Stay tuned for more on the signs, lights and landscaping…

Annual Meeting: The annual meeting of homeowners is around and down the road a bit – but it’s never to early to mention. Typically, the annual meeting happens the second week in February. At this meeting, new board members are elected, budgets are reviewed, community concerns are addressed, etc. This year, like last year, the board president will present the year in review, followed by future plans. Please plan on attending! If you are interested in helping out as a member of the board, please let the current secretary Matt Roach know before January 31. Any homeowner (in good standing) can run for office each year. Board positions last one year, and are volunteer. If you have interest in running, please contact Matt via email at: roaches@rocketmail.com

Marketing and Outreach: The board is always looking for more ways to reach out to homeowners. If you are a marketing professional, or you have a knack for copywriting, design, social media campaigns, or any other kind of outreach messaging, we could use your help. We need to be sure that all homes in Bretton Ridge are receiving the most up to date info from meetings and events. What are we missing? How can we improve? Please let us know, or better yet, give us a hand!

As always, if you have other ideas, concerns or compliments, please let us know via email at: board@brettonridge.com

Thanks in advance for all you will do for our community!

P.S. If you know someone that needs to be on our email distribution list, please forward this message, and this link: Registration and Records


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